Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stimulation overload

We went to an area known for it's reasonably priced electronics in Tokyo called Akihabara. Each store is about 6 or 7 floors packed with everything from rice cookers, washing machines, computers and TVs. And for some reason everything is turned on. I noticed this also in a discount shop on a separate day. In all of the stores, not only is the overhead radio playing something such as the theme from Taxi or Brittney Spears, but every device is making some sort of sound. It is so loud which is a bit ironic because it seems to me that the Japanese are a quiet sort of people, at least that's what I keep telling the kids when they are yelling at one another in public. The department store floors are filled with products making use of every centimeter (notice I didn't say inch) of space here. We thought the kids could find different electronic games to try out, but it was just too much. We ended our day on the 4th floor of one of these buildings where they had some tables set up to make your own fan - basically taking two large fan shaped stickers and applying them to a plastic fan. Also, and a bit more interesting was the paper activity where you cut out an glue a premade house, car, plane, boat and made a 3-D thing....having some word finding difficulties there. It looked simple enough, but it took me about 30 minutes to make the car and then the guy had to glue it together for me because I couldn't figure out all the tabs. It didn't matter as Connor was happy with the finished product, even though he said it looked weird.


ssmurray said...

Can you imagine Audrey there? She can't even go to Cub!!!

ssmurray said...

No offense, Audrey.

KimChastek said...

Enjoying your messages so much as well. Spent Friday evening over at Broders and was thinking of you guys. Hope you can find some good pasta.

Oh, and like the idea of your sitter. Smart thinking!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that not only does Kate bring a fashionable purse, but she can do the stairmaster-thingy in the picture at the same time. She will be a great powershopper when she is 16.