Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Now, although most Japanese are overly friendly, I think the taxi drivers are not fond of Americans. Every time I get into a cab and hand over some directions in Japanese they seem confused. They punch the address into the GPS and then say something to me and I just say yes or "HI" which means okay or yes. We start driving and when we arrive at the destination, it usually isn't it...they point and I say no and then we both sit there. I repeat myself 3 or more times thinking the more I say it maybe he'll get it, but no I should know better. They often drive on and try again and eventually I spot something and say "Yes" with quite a bit of excitement. At least they have automatic doors that open and close for you. No surprise there, it's just like the toilet in the apt.

The subway is far better and not so stressful, I just need to learn my way around - at least it's in English.

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