Monday, September 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are moving tomorrow to our new 'home' at Arisugawa Park Mansion. Things I will miss about our temporary living in the Oakwood Residence Roppongi T-Cube Apartments...

Maid service 3x a week
The view of the incredible endless city from the 22nd floor
The service at reception who helped us countless times with the Japanese instructions for all appliances and electronics
Heated toilet seats
The 7-11 at the bottom of the building
DVD library at reception
Fitness Center that I didn't use as much as I would have liked to
Complimentarty coffee/juice boxes every morning

Things I will not miss...

The combo washer/dryer that takes all day to do one load and the clothes still aren't dry
The toilet lid that goes up every time I walk by
The song the combo washer/dryer plays when it is finished
The 100's of light switch pads because I can never find the right one to turn on/off any single light - even though they are labeled
The 5kg limit of clothes in the washer/dryer combo for washing at one time
The endless escalator rides and subway passages to the bus stop
The 3kg limit of clothes in the washer/dryer combo for drying at one time
The fear that my kids are going to break/ruin the furniture
And did I mention the combo washer/dryer?

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ssmurray said...

I'm having dt's wanting another blog post from Tokyo. I keep checking to no avail. chop chop (Japanese pun??)