Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fires and Earthquakes

So here we go...

Tuesday 5AM

Yesterday at 5 in the morning some bell/alarm starts going off and I am the last one still in bed - everyone else had been up for hours. I thought it was the washing machine or some other appliance playing it's daily tune announcing the cycle is over - but no - then some Japanese woman starts talking and she goes on for some time. Following her announcement, somebody says about 5 words in English and then it just cuts off. I then remember that I thought I had heard quite a few fire engines a few moments ago...I quickly got out of bed. Jack comes in and says, "I think the building is on fire (we are on the 22nd floor)! Get the passports and get out!" The kids start going crazy - not upset - just excited crazy! We go out into the hall and there are a bunch of firefighters at our neighbors door. We learn in the lobby that some other American's washer/dryer started sparking and smoking. Everything was fine and under control, but apparently there were a lot of fire engines and there were people everywhere for sometime. I guess that's a good thing - they take there smokin' appliances very seriously. So, I sat and chatted with a woman over the complimentary coffee and returned to the room to get the kids off to school.


It's around 3 PM today and I am on the computer because the kids are at school and Connor is catching up on some sleep on the couch...when the ground beneath my feet starts vibrating! I thought - really - no way, we just got here. I started to panic a bit, snagged Connor off the couch and went out to the lobby. All 3 people at reception were simply going about their business - so I figured maybe it was nothing. Jack calls later and said, "Did you feel the earthquake?" The kids were all there by that time, so I tried not to sound alarmed. Jack said apparently it was a bigger one than normal. And what is normal?!?


Trixie120 said...

And ... let the adventure begin! (Tokyo dodged a bullet getting you as an expat rather than me -- can you imagine the public dollars spent "rescuing" this dinner burnin' mama from herself?)

ssmurray said...

That's a whole lot of excitement for two days. Love the blog idea.

Anonymous said...

fire, earthquakes, what's next? I love this idea...keep the updates coming. miss you, Melissa

Jill said...

i'm glad you are blogging!
love you sister

susanaw said...

Fires, Earthquakes, and Expensive butter...sounds like just the adventure you were hoping for!

Thought you might be interested in some neighborhood news!

- Greg and Will bought matching scooters!
- Brian needed some tomatoes for tacos tonight, so we borrowed some out of your garden!
- A nice couple looked at your house and then 3 college girls. I was trying to decide who would put up with us the best?!

It's been really quiet here, actually and we miss you LOTS as we love chaos as you know. We will put together a little care package for you of the items we've found - Nick's frog being the most important! Tell him Grant is 'taking care of him' Followed by Kate's turtle, whom Riley is watching out for. I just 'rubbed Clay's back for the third time tonight and he said to tell Conner "hi buddy."

susanaw said...

WOW - you'll have to tell us if the cake is like Woullet's - better or worse for $88!? Conners worth it :-)

Neighborhood Happenings
We swam in the "pool" last night and it started to get that dirty color - we've figured out a floating chlorine thingy now, that magically cleans it - not sure what that will do to the grass when we drain before our next cabin weekend, but cross that bridge...

Eli and Grant spread Magic Sand all over the deck today - and now, inside the house...the kitchen...the bathroom...Thought Nick would like to hear about that!

We got invited to the Queen block party! There is a kid scavenger hunt and jumpy thingy that will be fun. How much does a jumpy thingy cost in Japan?!! MISS YOU!!!

Eric said...

Welcome to the blog world. Looking forward to more of Lost in Translation: The M. Family Edition.