Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now that's a babysitter!

Jack and I had our first night out - albeit to a school function, but it was one less crazy bedtime for us with the kids. The meeting at school was in regards to the protocol in the event of an earthquake. They shared information about what emergency procedures were in place and tried to ease many parents' concerns if the unthinkable should happen. Common building requirements here include reinforced concrete foundations, shatterproof windows as well as tying everything down so that it doesn't tumble on top of anyone. They recommend that each family has their own emergency procedure - including a contact back home so that they can be the ones to let everyone else know we are okay. Judy and Jerry - I designate you. The man leading the meeting mentioned there were some 3000 earthquakes in Japan last year. That's about 8 or so a day! He said we may feel them at night. Maybe I should get a refill on my sleeping pills.

On a lighter note, we hired a Philippine woman to babysit for us while we were out. She sat for my friend in the building a couple of times who had learned about her from someone else. I deliberately did not clean up too much before she came, because I understood that the nannys/sitters did more than just put the kids to bed - who by the way were all in bed and their own beds I might add when we came home. I quickly noticed how tidy everything was including a clean kitchen! She offered to come again, and there is no doubt in my mind she will be back. Next time I'll make sure the ironing is left out as well.


ssmurray said...

Was the sitter $50 an hour? Sounds worth it to me.

Brigitte said...

1500 Yen. Pretty close to US.

Kristin said...

not fair! i think i'm going to have to MAKE tony read this.... even if NY sitters are no where near like this. love the blog sister!