Saturday, August 23, 2008

I spy Connor

We took the subway to one of the many aquariums yesterday. There is a tool on the computer that gets you from point A to point B via subway. It's basically the same as Mapquest, but it tells you which stations to go through, how many transfers you need and how much Yen it will cost. It's wonderful for a directionally challenged person like myself. The trick is which exit to leave the station and then how to find the place you are going...The aquarium wasn't so difficult as I suggested we follow the people with children. So we walk in this building, following signs with a fish and find ourselves in a line, that I believe are for tickets. When we get to the front we see it's not for tickets, but for the elevator because the Aquarium is on the 10th floor! Everything goes up...even on the 10th floor there is an outside area for the typical seal show and other animal attractions. We realized today that Nicholas never knew that we were not on the ground level. Although it was a bit crowded, I never worried about losing Connor or Nicholas as they strayed away - they were the ONLY blonde children there. We were the only Westerners there.
And the cake? I must say that Betty Crocker and I can make a tastier cake, but it was a nice lookin' drawing on the cake and Connor did say, "This is so awesome!" So it was worth it.

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Sarah said...

Don't think my first post went through, so I will try again.

That hair sure is blonde, he sure stands out. Happy late Birthday Connor, Tommy is right behind you.

Sounds like you guys are having quite the adventure, keep the stories coming, maybe one day you can convert them into a book!