Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Golden Umbrella

So far the weather is either ridiculously hot and sweaty or rainy. I haven't decided which I prefer. The umbrella though accompanies one in both situations here. Most everyone is carrying one in the sun to keep cool and in the rain to keep dry. They are sold everywhere and apparently according to our real estate guy, Tomo-san, there are two things that are stolen most often here, umbrellas and bikes. I have seen umbrella dryer stands everywhere, which I have almost mistaken for a trash can because there was not an umbrella in it at the time. I have even seen something you lock your umbrella in at a public place. I am buying more today - we have 3, one is black and you don't see many black umbrellas here, one more reason we don't need to stand out. Their umbrellas are all pale, light colored and clear. It is raining today once more. I think I am ready to put up with sweating again.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are a natural blogger. What next? A political blog as we get closer to November? Miss you.