Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm tired mommy!

My body aches. We walk most everywhere with the exception of the subway and a taxi here and there. Although my feet are always sore, it's not the walking, but Connor's endless demands to be carried. We leave the apt. and he collapses on the floor and whines, "I'm tired!" I give in because when I don't, he lies down and starts crying or screaming. We are always surrounded by people. So I am tired, like Connor. We think we decided on a school today for him, however the walk involves hills, up and down, both ways. All I could think about was 'How am I going to carry him?' Jack and I decided a bike with a seat is probably in order. Then I was at the kid's bus stop this afternoon and I asked about where to buy bikes and a woman suggested the electric bike. Hmmm...the walk to school isn't sounding so tiring after all.

When Connor isn't crying to be carried he is running! Between our apt. and the current bus stop there are a total of 10 escalator rides there and back. Connor is fearless and causing everyone around him concern including me, but I have realized it doesn't really matter how much I tell him to be careful, to hold on, not to walk/run up and down the escalator, he's going to do it anyway. He's not so much of a cute little celebrity here with his blond hair when he's running like a maniac through the subway passageways and lobby hallways. I just stare straight ahead and try not to imagine what everyone must be thinking. I certainly can't pretend he is not my child...that would be ridiculous here. It's these moments when I wish we could blend in a little more.

As for the other two little people here, Kate is doing beautifully. She is comfortable, confident, and making friends. It's so great. Nicholas is struggling, which isn't a surprise to us. Our greatest challenge is getting him on the bus each morning. I think he has willingly gotten on the bus 2x out of the 6, so it's quite painful each morning. And when he doesn't get on the bus, I can't just throw him in the car and whisk him off to school...it's either the subway or the taxi. The school is being supportive and as helpful as they can. I forget it has only been 10 days although it seems longer, so we need to give him time. He is excited everyday when he gets off the bus as the bus monitor gives them all some sort of origami piece. And today he is at his first play date. It's just a few escalator rides, through the neighboring tower, down the hill and over to the 12th floor of another building :)


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain girlfriend. I'm going to offer you my unsolicited advice. Lord knows I have struggles with Louden and he's 6. With Nick- try what we do with Louden-- outright bribery. We call them "earning prizes". If he gets on the bus and off to school w/o complaint he gets a prize. Maybe it takes two weeks of prizes or more or they start to taper off as it gets easier. In our house, bigger prizes take a couple days or a week to "earn", for smaller issues you may get them at the end of the day (pack of gum, comic book). Some times you don't "earn" the prize at all and that's a lesson in an of itself too.

Connor, I don't know what to tell you. It really concerns me when you talk about seeing that his behavior is dangerous to himself and that he is running wild with no fear. It sounds like a bad accident waiting to happen. I have mixed feelings when I see kids in those backpack style harnesses or "leashes"-- I think of that as such a last resort but geesh, that may be the only option you have for a few weeks in a big, strange city. Maybe getting one and "threatening" to use it before you go somewhere may work?-- "if you don't walk next to Mommy and hold my hand, then I'm going to have to use the baby leash"-- try to play up it's not for big boys. Maybe he just needs to start going to preschool every morning just so you don't have to fight this daily battle and get errands done and he learns some better socialization skills from having to conform to a different group setting??? That's really a tough one and being in a new foreign place and always so "public" with people around makes it so much harder. You're a good mom so just hang in there!!!!

Sarah said...

Tommy would be doing the same thing, he is my fearless child also.

I'm sure it will pass soon, everything is new and this may be his way to express himself!

ssmurray said...

Hang in there, honey! It's hard to imagine being more out of your element. You're doing great and the kids boys will adjust. Maybe a kid-leash for Connor would help. If he hates it that will be motivation for him walk by you/hold your hand like a "big boy". The electric bike sounds like a very good solution to his walking issue.

ssmurray said...

just noticed Gretchen's post. sorry for the repeat advice!