Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opening Ceremony

I had a little shopping to do in Ginza -one of the many areas with all of the top end stores, not that I was shopping in any of them. I did want to go to a department store right when it opened. It's done a little differently here. I chose Mitsukoshi. There were people gathering outside as it was just before 10AM.
I kept checking the time on the clock at the top of the WAKO building - another landmark in Ginza. It was right across the street from Mitsukoshi and of course in a timely fashion a woman in full uniform arrived at the doors - but stayed behind the red ropes. She chatted away into a mic for about two minutes, probably telling everyone not to rush the store, maybe to wash their hands before entering, and to stay in a single file...okay, kidding. But what could she possibly have to say? Maybe the sales of the day? No idea.

She then moved the ropes, but nobody moved. How are we supposed to know that we can go in????
The clock struck 10 and then the people began to move forward. I followed. The salespeople bowed and welcomed us as we walked in, Irasshaimase!!! Then I turned the corner and walked along the cosmetics and perfume counters and each and every salesperson (and there were a lot) was standing in front of their counter bowing and welcoming me as I walked by. It was almost embarrassing, I think I was blushing. I wanted to shout out, 'I'm not worthy! Stop bowing!' I felt so important. Incredible.

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