Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Stress

Just trying to keep a little perspective here in our last week before leaving this amazing city and country. My head is in overload trying to take it all in from our simple walks in the neighborhood, staying clear of the bikes on the sidewalk, enjoying the dogs now with their fur lined coats on, absorbing the Japanese conversations that I still don't understand (after 4 lessons), people watching and people watching me, saying goodbye to so many new and forever friends. Should I stroll through the park just one more time? Can we squeeze in one more night out, have one more bowl of ramen with a little gyoza on the side? How should we spend our last days?

It's stressful, but the reality is that this is good stress. Many men will come and politely pack up our apartment in a timely manner with much wrapping. In the meantime we will stay at our friend's home and relax. Christmas will be spent with friends that have not yet left for their holiday. Then we will leave quietly (okay, maybe not quietly) and find our next adventure. In such an enormous and different city, this short time here as an expat was quite easy and quite nice, but also life changing - the best choice we could have made for ourselves and for our family.

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