Friday, December 18, 2009

Family Karaoke

I mentioned in a previous post about how karaoke is synonymous with the Japanese. For me, I can take it or leave it, but the experience is worth it even if you only do it once - here. You can find a karaoke bar on almost every corner. Our friend booked a private room at Pasela in Roppongi on a Friday night and got 3 other families to join them. She does this on a regular basis with her girls or with her husband and anyone else she can grab on any given weekend night. I've got to admit that although it was loud, really loud, and crazy with 11 kids - everyone had a blast. You can spend hours searching through the phonebook like catalog of songs (yes, there is an English AND a Japanese version) and then punch in your choices on the computer. See the dads in action below. Kate did not want to go. Kate did not want to leave.

It's alright - stand on the furniture - make some noise! This must have been Taylor Swift. This is where the Japanese let their guard down, behind these closed doors.
If only I could remember what they were singing...although I am pretty sure it was a Police song. My choice was 'Do They Know it's Christmas' and of course everyone sang.

Now everybody! And throw a few tambourines in there as well...

And if you are nervous that your breath really stinks while you are belting out your favorite song into the mic, the Karaoke bars will have mouthwash in the bathroom for you.

Good times.

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