Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blue Man Group

As with every job we witness here there is a certain dignity and respect that people are given and by all means deserve, whether it's the garbage guy, the combini cashier or my favorite - the men of the Blue Man Group, aka road construction guys. There is never a shortage of construction and unlike the states they are very efficient. Usually they seem to be repairing something that doesn't seem to need repairing. You won't find a pothole or uneven sidewalk anywhere. But whether I am riding my bike, jogging or walking, when I approach a 'construction site,' the ever so polite workers bow, wave their wand and guide me over what feels like a red carpet, but in reality it's a green rubber mat getting you safely from the beginning to the end of the danger zone. I will admit I always wanted to step off the mat and see what would happen.

The Green Carpet
Blue man is watching this guy walk off of the mat - maybe the exception to the rule is if you have a rolling bag you don't have to stay on the mat...

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