Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday in the Park/ Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Ah...another lovely day seeing the sights in Tokyo with our 3 well-behaved children. At least the sights were enjoyable. Such torture for the boys until they had ice cream in their hands. We headed over to Meiji Shrine, in Harajuku, one of the best known shrines in Tokyo. I specifically wanted to go on a Sunday in hopes that we would witness a wedding, but I guess weddings are common there any day of the week. We were able to see two processions, but no actual ceremonies. Entrance to the Meiji Shrine

The grounds are enormous. This is the place that packs in 3 million people to ring in the New Year.

The first wedding procession. This couple was surprisingly a bit older.

The guards telling us to get out of the way - in the nice sort of Japanese way.

She was beautiful. Didn't crack a smile.

Outside of the shrine - Harajuku girls
Looked good. Smelled good, but tasted more like the dough they put the red bean paste in. We didn't finish the bag.

Some 50's group that hung out, drank beer and danced - drew a good crowd
Serious hair
and outfits

quick clip of 'the show'

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Cynthia Murphy said...

B -
Thanks for another amazing travel log. We love exploring Tokyo vicariously through you! You have the best blog ever!

p.s. yes, you found me. you little dickens. so far i'm all fluff and no substance.