Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even the dogs are well dressed in Tokyo

Dogs are everywhere here, and people usually have more than one. And they are usually dressed well - for a dog. The outfits change with the seasons. Down coats for winter, raincoats for the rainy season, light shirts for spring. It makes me a bit crazy as I miss our dog terribly, but most of the dogs I see are small dogs and the big dogs typically don't have frilly outfits on or a pair of jeans on either - just a large t-shirt, you know like the way we would dress up our dogs when we were kids.

Here is a sample of what one can expect to see walking down the streets of Tokyo, but I missed shots of so many more outrageous outfits.
At one point the owner took off the outfit -- someone we were with suggested that was because they didn't want it to get dirty

fairy dog?

so many dogs in bike baskets, strollers and handbags

notice the matching hair(fur) accessories

and sometimes the dog matches it's owner

And these 4 dogs just hung out letting everyone take their picture.


Cynthia Murphy said...

Tokyo feels like every American trend... except on steroids. Great piece Brig. It could be in the NY Times Style section.

Terri said...

I thought maybe you would slip in a picture of the friendly doberman in our apartment with my U2 T-shirt.