Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freshman 15

A few weeks ago we had another parent's night out for Connor's preschool class, which then led to a pool hall and I believe Jack ended the night at his favorite hangout - Heaven. Sometimes it feels like I am on a really long vacation. Sometimes it feels like college or my 20's in Chicago (except I am now trying to do the same things in a 40 year-old body). Everything is new and exciting. We go out more often than back home, eat out more, drink more and stay out later. Last night when we came home at 10, the sitter was quite surprised. It was an unusually early night.

I must keep things in check or I just might roll home this summer with a few extra pounds -my Japanese version of the freshman 15. You would think that all the walking should make a difference and it does probably help. It certainly doesn't help one's self-esteem that the Japanese are so tiny. There was a paragraph in the expat bible stating that, 'one might feel self-conscious of their size and it will take some getting used to.' They weren't kidding. You certainly notice when someone is not so tiny. My clothes still fit - check. It doesn't matter that the Japanese portions are smaller, that the food is healthier, the celebrations are many.

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