Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Connor's Turn

Just wanted to post some of Connor in action at Willowbrook International Preschool. He has a fantastic time and I am impressed with all that they do. Tracing some kanji, katakana or hirigana (not sure which one)
...remember my lessons haven't begun

Working with one of the three teachers for 16 kids - nice ratio

These are used for Japanese ball games, although not so good with the superballs in the apartment

A bit of Yoga with Miss Yoko

...and close your eyes and stretch

Practicing mochi making for the New Year

This is the sushi roll I believe? Playdo and paper version

Finished product

Looks a bit disturbed.

Waiting for his turn

Connor and his buddy Leo, apparently telling him something important

Inventions and vaporizors

Connor and Aiden

Arisugawa Park Play - they are identified by their smocks as there are often several preschools playing here. The younger Japanese preschools outfit their kids in matching hats instead of smocks - really cute

Learning about South America
In the month of February the parents came in on various days to share information about their home country

Pinata making - which then they broke open at the park with those paddles from above

USA day - I asked Connor later (at home) how he liked those weiners. He looks at me shaking his head and says, "Mom, don't you know a weiner is a penis?"

Below is a clip from the Spring Show. One of the songs Connor's class performed was We are the World (in case you can't tell). Of course tears just started streaming down my face. It was really sweet looking at all the kids from 'all over the world' singing this song along with the sign language. The costume directions were basically whatever they wanted as long as they had their flag somewhere on their body. Connor is in red. This is not the best footage, but I don't have a cable to download from the actual video camera. Kate took this with our picture camera.

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ssmurray said...

I loved watching and reading "Connor's Turn". His school looks really amazing.