Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally 40!

Brigitte and Betty or Duncan...

So back in Minneapolis I had all these plans to celebrate my 40th with this group of friends, that group and a trip to Chicago with my best friend from high school and our moms. Obviously all of those plans have changed. Instead, I spent my 40th birthday with Nicholas's first grade class on a field trip to The Museum of Western Art. Pictured above are Nicholas's buddies from the US, Holland and Korea.

I didn't let my birthday go by without Betty though. And thanks to my dear friend Pam back home, I was able to bake myself a cake. She sent along a care package with Judy and Jerry including Betty Crocker and the frosting! I was thrilled until I realized that our oven's lowest temperature is about 375 degrees. I needed it to be 325, hmmm. So our oven now not only is too small for 'western' size cookie sheets, it also can't be used for baking! One more reason to visit all of these wonderful bakeries in town. So, halfway through the cooking process I turned the oven off and then turned it back on a little later. It's amazing! The cake didn't burn and it cooked all the way through, still moist and delicious. It was even better than Connor's million dollar cake.

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