Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our new alley

On our way to pick up Nick at the bus stop. This is the quiet back way from the apt. It's about a 3 minute walk.
The kid's bus. I was reading with the boys last night and pointed to the word 'is' for Nick and Connor says, "That's the word on Nick's bus!"
On our way home they expect a 100Yen soft serve cone on a daily basis.
Thought I would throw in a pic of the 100 Yen shops (aka The Dollar Store). This is usually Kate's daily request. Again, on the way home from the bus.
A produce market across from 100 Yen, but we think it sells fruit/veges that pretty much need to be eaten that day...some of it is a bit questionable
I LOVE the area we live in. I love that I am in the kitchen, living room or dining room and can watch the people pass by Arisagawa Park - groups of school kids , business men, joggers, Nanny's and strollers, pregnant women, everyone on bikes. It's nonstop, but still quiet enough. I love that I can get to the market and grab a few things all in about 15 minutes door to door. It's officially one week in the new place. This Saturday will be almost a month. Jack and I will have an opportunity to go on a much needed night out on the town. The big question is where? And how do we get there?
Today I believe we hit a milestone. Nicholas got on the bus without any hesitation, then came home told me about a new friend, then told me he could walk home from the bus alone and THEN pushed Connor's bike home so Connor could eat his ice cream cone. Could someone pinch me? Maybe I won't need a drink tonight! And, it was the first not so hot, sticky, sweaty, I can't stand to be outside anymore day today. And there are only 3 boxes left to unpack. Today is a good day. So maybe I should have drink to celebrate.


Trixie120 said...

Everything sounds so wonderful--enjoy your night out!

ssmurray said...

Loved the pictures of your neighborhood. It looks like so much fun. I hope you and Jack have a great night out! Sarah

andrea kist said...

So fun to read your blog. . .I got misty reading about Nick's successes with school and new friends (can't help from being a teacher). I have some of Connor's friends from last year in my room this year, would love to show some pics and talk about school abroad with them. Best wishes to you and your family -
Andrea Kist (Lake Harriet Preschool)

susanaw said...

I love the new Alley!!! I don't think we would stand out so much there for playing in the street!

Miss you lots. Love to the kids.