Saturday, February 21, 2009

The ride home from Yuzawa

This is what happens when you think your train leaves at 8:20, but really leaves at 8:04 - not my fault, and this is what happens when you realize this but can't speak Japanese and you don't know which track your train is on, but a conductor tells you to get on this train even though you are pretty sure it's not your train and you don't know why you are on this train because you can't ask anybody because nobody speaks English, but you are happy to be going home even if there are no seats - at least you think you are going home.

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JUDY WENDT said...

YOu are very funny in the worst of situations...combination of David whatsisname and one of those sisters who write....geez, can't remember names, but one of them was married to Bob who wrote about deep throat. Can you tell I've had my cocktail allotment?