Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just another lunch date

I am beginning to feel a bit spoiled. We had a lunch get together for the parents in Nicholas's class. The room parents at TIS set these up a couple times a year, usually just a casual gathering. There is no shortage on lunch dates in my life. I think I have gone out to lunch more in the last 6 months than in my entire adult life. However, I was a teacher for 9 years, so I was brown bagging it for quite a while. Again - the expat community came through nicely. One of the dad's in Nicholas's class is in Hotel Management - for Ritz Carlton. So, we had a nice table for 12 on the 45th floor of the Ritz at Tokyo Midtown not too far from where we live. After the husband said hello and welcomed everyone, he excused himself because he had to say good-bye to a guest. Will Smith. Unfortunately, Will couldn't join us for lunch.

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JUDY WENDT said...

So, What did you have????