Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Kate's Girl Scout troop back home is participating in 'Thinking Day,' where each troop picks a different country and shares the information on a particular day. Kate's group chose Japan. We mailed a package of origami, pictures and chopsticks back to Minneapolis. And then she and I put together this little video for them as well. There is also a 'Thinking Day' here, on the same day, but I haven't figured out how to get Kate involved in the Girl Scouts yet.

She's a little quiet here - nothing like the true Kate who we could usually hear screaming 3 houses away back home.


JUDY WENDT said...

The video is terrific! Kate did a great job. You should send to penpal, even though it's via email.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brigitte - I'm single parenting this weekend and have the kids in front of a video while I surf the web. (So you see all the fun you're missing here in MN!) Anyway, I found your blog entry and it is GREAT! Kate did a really nice job - her pronunciation is beautiful too. Thanks to both of you for helping out the brownie troop. It will be so cool for the girls to have this personal connection to Japan. Wish Kate could show up in person in that kimono!

Take care,

ssmurray said...

That was so cute! Great job, Kate. I'm going to show Grace and Evie. They'll love it. I love that holiday and how the dad wears the devil mask. I was hoping the mom would get to wear the god of all good things mask. Thanks for sharing the video.

Terri said...

Kate - Thanks for the explanation. I watched this awhile ago, but just getting around to leaving a comment. You look great in your kimono. I remember that my mom made me one when we were studying Japan in grade school. I LOVED it. I'm jealous that you are done with winter! Terri Grosse