Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat - Take 2

We took to the streets of Nishi Azabu and Moto Azabu again this year with the masses of expats and Japanese. I've been told it's getting so popular there are a couple thousand people weaving their way in and out of these streets. It certainly felt like it at times. Plenty of places the kids stopped at had run out of candy. Other places reported that they went through hundreds and hundreds of pieces of candy. I can't find my way around this area when it's light out, much less dark. Thankfully a dad in our group lead the way and helped me find my kids when I couldn't. Jack missed out this year as he joined many Aussie fans for a big Rugby match between Australia and New Zealand. I was told concessions ran out of beer halfway through the match. Doesn't sound like an Aussie event to me.

So the kids ran from building to building with a few houses in between. I think I saw every person I have met since moving here along the route. But whenever I turned to say 'hi' and talk to someone I lost a kid. I was thrilled when both Nicholas and Connor said they had so much candy and thought that they were done.
My little Transformer - Bumblebee

So most of the loot looks familiar...
Then there are a few Japanese treats in there. Kate was willing to give them all a go. I assumed they would all have some sort of fish flavor hidden in them. The first one looks more like salmon bites than what I think it was supposed to be - taffy? I snagged everyone's mini Milky Ways instead.
The night before...

Jack and I have now been here long enough to know someone that was having a Halloween Party, just for adults - The McAvoys
Nat and I after a Tequila Shot and a jello shot - I think

Our good friends The Gatherers

Jack surrounded by Marlo and Sue

The Pirate and his Maiden, although people
preferred to call me a wench instead.

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