Friday, November 27, 2009

Our tree lot

I know I posted my reaction to the cost of Christmas trees last year, but I am still having sticker shock this year and decided to post photos because seeing is believing right? As much as I have gotten used to spending more money for most things, I still cannot bring myself to rationalize buying a tree at these prices no matter how sad our artificial tree is...

The tree lot near National Azabu Market

This tree is only 18,900 Yen - (roughly 200 bucks)

Here is a little reference as to it's size...this is Connor's 4 year-old friend. Not a very big tree. My friend did point out that you can replant this one, but I would need a yard first.

A beauty of a tree

Here, let me get a little closer...
Yes, that's about 450 smackers in USD.
I think I'll just pass through the lot each day I go to the market and inhale deeply for my Christmas tree fix.

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