Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mommy, why is that man lying down on the ground at our bus stop?

Hmmm...so how do I explain that some Japanese business men drink until complete obliteration, simply fall down and can't get up - even on a school night. We arrived at the bus stop today to see a well dressed young man wobbling in the arms of 3 police men. And unfortunately, this was the second time the kids observed this situation at the bus stop. The first time they found a man's shoe at our bus stop and then realized it belonged to the guy lying on the bench across the street. We delivered it via the police officers who were trying to shake the guy to consciousness. The kids have seen the homeless on the street, although it's not common around our neighborhood, but these guys clearly aren't homeless - just extremely intoxicated. And the people on the street? They just walk on by. Nobody stops, no one stares. Nobody seems to care.

This time, the disturbing part was that after a few moments of drunk guy standing with the police officers, they simply moved him to a bench out of the way of the busy sidewalk. He passed out again and the officers drove off. I couldn't cover up my surprise in front of the kids except to say that clearly he was harmless, needed to sleep it off and probably wasn't going to make it to work today. Kate made some comment about how that doesn't happen to daddy and I when we drink alcohol. Yes, Kate, that is true, but I would be lying if I said there weren't nights that I thought Jack might end up losing his way after a late night at Heaven.

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