Thursday, September 17, 2009

Japanese Lessons

Although our end date here is uncertain, I decided that I really wanted to take some Japanese lessons. There are still a few things I simply want to master.

1. I want to give a taxi driver directions with more than one word and be able to say more than 'hai' after everything he says...

2. I want to know what I might be ordering from a restaurant that doesn't have an English menu, pictures or an English speaking waiter

3. I want to share daily small talk with the woman who sweeps and cleans around the apartment. She is the sweetest woman and always tries to talk with me and I got nothin' I owe it to her to be able to talk about the weather if nothing else.

4. I want to be able to count higher than Connor. He can now count to ten and write his name in Japanese.

I am talking lessons at the kids' school in a group setting. No, not with the kids, but with the parents. We went around the table and practiced introducing ourselves in Japanese and shared where we were from. Watashi wa Brigitte desu. America kara kimashita. These are my classmates: Argentina, Italy, China, US, Australia, Denmark and Sweden. I love this school!

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