Monday, September 7, 2009

Flu invasion

Ahh!!!Connor has been diagnosed with the flu. People ask, but is it the swine flu? And the doctor says most likely that it is the swine flu although they don't send samples out to the labs due to overload. The seasonal flu apparently hasn't arrived yet - which is why they assume that it is the swine flu. At the doctor's office, they requested that he arrive wearing a mask and when we left they took us out through a back entrance - basically a narrow storage area, sprayed us down with disinfectant and gave us 10 days worth of Relenza to keep the flu at bay for the rest of us.

Most importantly, Connor will be fine. Not as important, but more annoying, is the school policy (or Japan's policy) is that if one sibling is sick with the flu ALL siblings must remain home for 5 days. It's Tuesday and beginning tomorrow they will all be home, sick or not, for the remainder of the week. You can imagine how happy this makes me. The school is also closing Connor's class down as he is the 4th case just in his particular class. We are in week 3 of school. I am pretty sure there have not been two days in a row when all the kids have been in school. I am now officially in desperate survivor mode.

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