Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comfort Foods

One of my initial concerns prior to moving to Tokyo was, 'What am I going to feed my picky eating, I like processed snack food children?' Before we arrived we talked to a woman who was here working for NWA and had a bunch of questions for her. I believe Jack's first question was something about electronics. My first one was "What do you put in your kids lunches?" Priorities! We would be arriving on Saturday, the kids were starting school that Monday and I was supposed to pack a lunch for them! I don't even remember what she said it was all a blur. When we got here, I realized I had nothing to worry about. I couldn't believe the things that were on the shelves at our international grocery store, National Azabu, the one right by our apartment. Here are a few items that keep us close to home - for a small price, yeah right.

Oreos - much smaller package
Ritz - ditto
Premium saltines
Goldfish - only cheddar, thank god - who needs 10 choices and colors?
Campbells soup
Kraft Mac n Cheese - for 4 bucks a box
Sargento Cheese slices
Kraft Cheese slices
Kit Kats are big here
Jennie-O Turkey franks in the frozen section
Johnsonville Brats - this one is the funniest I think - and more than one variety!

There a tons of other products from the US as well as other countries so I love to go to the store, EVERYDAY! We go through stuff quickly due to all the small packaging. I realize I could buy more at one time, but I buy what I can carry home, unless I am buying wine, then they deliver it :) When I don't feel like going to the store, or if I want something from the US that I can't get at the store I can use a few different websites that will deliver. And yes, there is a COSTCO here. I haven't been as it's a trek and whenever a friend is heading out it's hasn't been a convenient time for me. But I can buy online through The Flying Pig who sell Costco products, and Kirkland has a few bulk items on sale as well at National Azabu.

There are also plenty of American cleaning products. But, I am taking my chances with less expensive Japanese laundry detergent and dishwashing soap. I am still guesstimating how much soap to add since I can't read the bottles. So far things look and smell clean. I wanted to buy some of that fruit and vege cleaner, but wouldn't buy the American brand because of the cost and saw what I thought was a much cheaper Japanese brand. I tried to ask the sales guy - same-0? ( I know this is not the Japanese word for same) clean? and held up both bottles. He shook his head and kinda laughed - no...and that was it. Still don't know what the other product was, but I am glad I didn't wash my strawberries with it.

Those of you who visit will have a few things to bring along, things I refuse to pay for here or things I simply want or cannot get. Some of our requests so far have included: wheat thins, cheerios, lucky charms, teddy grahams, cheeze-its, clif bars, mac and cheese, granola bars, jello and generally food that will also not get crushed in transit.

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