Friday, January 9, 2009

25 Days

I am finishing day 23. Many have heard me say over and over that the kids were off of school for a total of 25 days, add two more for Connor. It is logical. Most families go to their home country during winter break and this allows them time to get there, stay for a while and return and adjust to Japan time. We chose to stay here, to make it seem more like home instead of rushing back when we just got here 4 months ago. So no Japan blog info for the last week because I am just too damn tired, even though I am up writing at 12:30. It's quiet, nobody needs anything from me, I am not fighting to get the kids away from the TV, computer or their DS's . So I am up, but only to vent for a short time. In all honesty it was a pretty good break. Who doesn't love staying in their' pj's half of the day most days? No alarms or lunches to be made. We had a nice trip to Hakuba, did a little skiing. More on that later - after the kids return to school. I love my children. But I don't need to spend every waking moment with them for almost a month straight. It's just not healthy for anybody. But now I have officially made it to the weekend and Jack and I will get through it together. We will also begin to plan our trip home for next winter break.

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Lorna said...

Hang in there, Brigitte. I hope you find some peace and quiet in the next few days. Your blog is very entertaining, but I can imagine it is also a source of sanity for you.