Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthday Part (y) 2

We survived our first Karaoke experience far better than I would have imagined. Jack was in rare form. This photo was a tame one. It was still early. He was out of his seat plenty playing air guitar and singing more than I have ever heard him sing in the 14 years that we've been together. My camera battery died, so I only have the two pictures, but our friends will pass some along and I'll post what I can. This place had several private rooms. There was a phone in the room to place orders and when we asked our waitress if it would work if we ordered in English, she replied - maybe. Ha! It apparently worked because for the next several hours food and drinks were unending and it didn't take long for people to argue over the mics. The round of tequila shots that Chris ordered at the start of the night didn't hurt either. We sang everything from Elvis to Beck to High School Musical (well, not us, but Tracey and her husband Brenden sang a duet), Madonna, Steve Miller Band, Coldplay and all other others I of course can't remember. There were a few new artists that our Australian friends and S. African friends sang for us in there too. A good time was had by all and definitely a requirement for anyone that visits us here in Tokyo - even if it just to see Jack let loose.

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ssmurray said...

I'm so glad you guys have made fun friends. Are they from Jack's work? I can't even imagine Jack doing Karaoke. It totally makes me think of Lost in Translation. We're going to miss you at our upcoming MNO. I added you to the email list with a comment you "shouldn't" see for old times sake. :)