Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have to admit that I have learned very little Japanese - some basics. I probably have about 20 words - which doesn't sound like much, but it works for now. If you have a map, a phrase book and can point, that is usually enough to get by.

So far, I can say-

Good morning
Good afternoon - you only say this AFTER 12 and not before
Good evening
Good bye
thank you
left, right and straight (for the taxi)
excuse me/sorry
four ( I haven't been able to get past four yet - and then there are two different fours depending on how they are used)
sushi - does this count?

So maybe not quite 20 - but I am getting there

We have 3 - I think - different doormen and I want to remember their names so in the morning on the way to the bus stop I can say Ohayo gozaimasu ( insert name,) but I forget almost immediately when I am told their name. (I know, I need to write them down). I had to ask Kate to ask the doorman (in Japanese) what his name was because these kids are smarter than me. I can count to 4, they can count to 100. I say, 'Me -Brigitte', they say, 'Watashi no namae wa Kate desu,' (I had to look up this translation). I don't need to take lessons, I just need to listen to my kids. Then there is Connor and I say to him, 'Connor, how do you say your name in Japanese and he says, 'Connor'.

Connor and I must go practice our flashcards.


Scott Rohr said...

I love this post. As a fellow 40-year-old trying to learn another language, I can sympathize. I study my German, but I have a horrible time making it stick. I'm very jealous of the kids who seem to just soak it up.

Good to see Jack yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting in my kitchen. You just made me laugh out really loud with this post. I needed that more than you know. Thanks!