Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Observations and Observation Deck

Judy and Jerry have come and gone. Jerry was here for 10 days, but my mom stuck it out for a few more. It was great to have them here, to share with them our 'new' life, but also remind them that the chaos of raising 3 children doesn't change just because you leave the country. I can't believe they put up with us that long! They got out alone enough, enough that as usual they had several recommendations for restaurants for Jack and me. In Minneapolis I would often consult them when we wanted to go out to dinner. It doesn't stop in Tokyo. So here after one of their nights out for dinner my mom came home and just said 'We're drunk.' My dad added, 'I think two stiff drinks and then a bottle of wine was probably too much.' Leave it to my mom and dad to show you a good time.

After my dad left, my mom was thrilled that we dragged her to the Tokyo Tower. She doesn't like heights and she doesn't go for the tourist attractions. Oh well. I have to agree with her...we can check that off the list. I think I enjoy the Tower far more from the ground. Kate even said, and I quote, "No offense, but it wasn't exactly what I expected." We still took plenty of photos, although the one below was just a screen for a photo op. And then there was the entertaining monkey and his trainer. That was the hit of the day. He was a riot! And sporting a Boston Red Socks Jersey. Funny.

My mom and I spent the last night at my favorite restaurant in Nishi Azabu - Cicada. I have been there 3 times now. I do have a question about the servers though. Both tonight and the other night when Jack and I were out a different restaurant, both servers waited on the tables of the clearly English speaking people. I wondered if there is a designated server at certain restaurants that gets 'our' tables.

To follow up on the oven dilemma...I emailed our apt. contact and they said that you can't adjust the temperature below 180 C, roughly 350 F. If it needs to be cooler cook with the oven door open! So, when I tried to cook Brownie batch #2, I was opening the door for 5 minutes, closing the door for 5 minutes, open, close, check temperature and on and on. But, I must admit, the brownies were better this time. However, I won't be making any souffles.

Not the real thing, but cute brotherly love

We are in Sanrio land. You can even get a Hello Kitty Vacuum, which I almost bought.
One of the cool shopping streets in Harajuku. Judy and I decided this is a street for people much younger than us.
As most Japanese restaurants display their plastic food items in the window, this was Wolfgang Puck and I thought the plastic hamburgers and fries were interesting. The problem with these displays is that rather than entice me with the food it usually turns me off.

View of the Tokyo Tower before we went up. It is the most beautiful at night, especially when you are on the 42nd floor of some building looking at it all lit up and having a wonderful dinner and forgetting that you are going broke while eating a green salad for 2600 Yen ( You should know the exchange by now ~$26). But look at the Tower Jack...

Can you tell Judy-gram is having a really good time up in the Tower?

A moment when the kids weren't complaining of being tired or hungry, must have been right when we got off the elevator

Post Tower entertainment

This picture is more about the trainer's hair. The young men seem to take their hair very seriously here - a lot of hair, product and time seems to be going on with their heads. I have been studying them on the subway. The people watching is unending and always interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you (who never eats out in Mpls much) is eating out more now in Toyko AND it's more expensive :)
Just be worried if Jack starts using more products on his hair and grows a mullet in back. Then it's time to come home