Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Just some photos that didn't need their own post

Kobe, not Tokyo - When the swine flu was confirmed in Japan the masks were out in full force

Daikenyama - My mom and I saw this shop - a shop just for tomatoes and all tomato sorts of things. Loved the window display. Yum.

Arisugawa Park - Typical Japanese preschool in their matching hats

Omotosando - I don't know.

Roppongi Hills - I parked my bike, got my hair cut, came back out and found this piece of paper attached to my bike. I never did ask anyone what it said - I imagine it was a 'no bike parking zone.' If it was a ticket - I never paid it.

Shinjuku - I kept seeing people with Krispy Kreme bags around the various train stations. Then I saw the mothership here. This was a rainy day. I have read that the line can get pretty long - notice the ropes. I will admit I haven't had one

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