Friday, June 19, 2009

On our way back home...

We are headed back to the states for most of the summer. I imagine I won't be posting anything unless there is some unusual experience between now and stepping onto the plane - which is entirely possible. I am looking forward to the flight as I will be sitting in business class with the two older ones and Jack is sitting 'in the back' with the little guy - he's not old enough to sit up front as a non-rev rule. I may be speaking a little too early, but - knock on wood - everyone is healthy, right now, and hopefully can stay that way until we reach American soil.

Thanks to all of you for reading and sharing in this great adventure of ours, and we look forward to more upon our return in August.

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Linda said...

If I had known you had come back for the summer I would have visited you when I was in Minneapolis, unless you were somewhere else. I've been trying to write you, but it seems like I could never get through. Anyway, Krista is moving this weekend to Coon Rapids and we will be in the cities so if you are still there, call me.