Friday, December 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree

We have always had a fresh Christmas tree. Even when we bought it at Home Depot - it was fresh. I vowed never to have an artificial tree. That had to change, but only while in Tokyo. In the parking lot at the market they put up signs that announced fresh trees were coming from Oregon. I held my breath, I knew they would be expensive. They arrived. I walked by and glanced at the price. I looked again and many numbers were in that price? That first one must be a dollar sign. Oh, we are in Japan, the Yen character is at the end. They were actually asking about 20,000 to 50,000 Yen - move your decimal and then some, given the dollar to the Yen these days. Thank you, but I will not be paying 200 dollars for a 3 foot tree, much less 500 for a 6 footer. Instead, we brought our tree home in a box and decorated it with origami, however the star must go or possibly be replaced.


JUDY WENDT said...

Who made the star?

Scott Rohr said...

Knowing how much you want a fresh tree, I will try to have a better attitude about decorating ours. It's a gorgeous Frasier fir, over 9 feet tall, and it's been sitting in our living room for almost 4 days while I refuse to do anything. But now, in honor of you, I'll go put lights on it.