Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

We have made it over 3 months without having to see a doctor. That is with the exception of the Guam ER visit, but I don't count that - technically that's US. Connor unfortunately was burning up yesterday and then complaining of his forehead hurting as well as a sore throat. I gave him a day - no improvement. I want him to go back to school on Friday. He has been home now for 3 days (he's not in school t/th) and Jack is in Hong Kong this week so he needs to be back at school tomorrow before the weekend - I need him to be back at school tomorrow before the weekend. So, I wanted to get him in asap this morning in the event it's strep and he needs antibiotics. Where to take him?!? I have been asking other expats about their experiences and it seems to come down to two places, both carry a variety of opinions. Today, I picked the one that is 110 steps from my house (I counted) over the taxi ride to the clinic across from the Tokyo Tower. This one, however, is quite a bit more expensive compared to other international clinics. But today convenience trumps cost.

We left our apt. two minutes before the appointment time. Super. Upon arrival we were expected to take off our shoes and put on the supplied slippers before entering the clinic. This is the Japanese way and I had only experienced it in people's homes, so it was a bit of a surprise. The kid's slippers are basically vinyl and Connor did not like the way they fit and refused to wear them. I didn't know what the 'rules' were so I carried him in only to notice there were plenty of other people and adults in stocking feet.

The staff were really great with him, everyone spoke Engrish. They took his temp in the waiting room and it was 37.5. I was a bit startled and looked at the nurse asking, "Is that good?" She took it back to her desk and quickly returned with the Fahrenheit conversion. Just a low grade fever. The doctor then saw him right away. We went into his office, he was already there. Much better than sitting with your sick child in the room for a half an hour waiting for the doctor. After the 5 minute exam we waited for the strep culture and sure enough it was positive. I was relieved only because I knew the antibiotics would take care of this quickly. So the visit took all of 45 minutes door to door with antibiotics in hand. Never mind how much we paid. It was worth every Yen.

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