Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One final post

Here is the last group of photos. I wanted to do a quick post before we leave New Zealand. We will be up in a few hours at 3:30 AM to begin our long journey home. I imagine we don't have to worry about losing too much sleep as there will be plenty of time for that on the plane or should I say - planes.
Queenstown - Bungy

Nicholas (on his 8th birthday) and Connor watching the LUGE

Rock climbing

Retrieving Connor from rock climbing

Family photo op at Mount Cook area Glaciers
Glenorchy - Town where Lord of the Rings was filmed
Skipping rocks after a picnic at the lake
This is the closest we got to the sheep. When we got out of the car they usually ran, but these guys knew we had food.
Great view - and a bonus with the lonely sheep
Fishing - something for everyone
Back through Queenstown - a much needed break from pasta in the camper. Nick wanted to try the local Sauvignon Blanc - not a big fan I guess
Closest we came to Bungy jumping

Our home. This site was swarming with nasty sandflies which forced us to stay inside. At least it was a room with a view.
Stream after lake after river and on and on and on...

One of the many great lookout points
A walk to Fox Glacier

Great limestone rock formations

Hokitika - little beach town, my favorite stop. Our site was steps from the beach that was filled with driftwood sculptures all the way down the
shore. Bruce Bay - different beach, but along the beach road were rocks signed by passersby and then artfully displayed among the driftwood.
We left our mark as well. Always travel with a Sharpie.


SusanG said...

Good times!

amlalu said...

Thank you, Brigitte, for the adventures you shared with us. When your book is published, I would like my copy signed.

Artis said...

Brigitte, I have been following your blog and want you to know that I have enjoyed the humor, the photos and info immensely. Thanks for the journey.
Artis Stensrud (Sarah's mom)

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