Monday, May 18, 2009

Did you get the mail?

Mail. Not so interesting here. Quite a relief to not get ridiculous amounts of credit card applications and charity requests with address labels on a daily basis. Instead our 'junk' mail consists of shiny paper with pictures of food, usually sushi or pizza advertisements. I never know where they are from as it is all of course in Japanese. We do get some real estate advertisements also in very nice shiny plastic covers with elaborate brochures in thick paper like catalogs. The pain then becomes separating the plastic cover from the paper so that we can throw half of it away in 'burnable' and half of it away in 'non-burnable'. Does the shiny advertisement go in burnable or recyclable with the magazines? I still don't know and my mood at that time decides the final resting place of all that paper. There is important mail. Bills. Sometimes I look at a piece of mail and I have no idea if it's junk mail or maybe a bill. By now I know most of it, but a few stump me from time to time. Jack will have to take some bills into work, because we aren't quite sure what to do with them. The best mail we recently received was something with our name on it and and a decent amount of money at the bottom of what I thought was a bill. I wondered, 'What could we possibly owe? What is this bill for?' Jack learned at work that it was a stimulus check from the government. Whee!

Glad I didn't throw that one out.

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