Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Malones and the O'Deas decided to bike over to Omotosando today and celebrate our Irish heritage a bit. It was quite a sight to see us riding down the sidewalks 7 bikes long. There were 4 adults riding, 3 of which had kids on the back of their bike and then 3 other kids riding in between. If that wasn't enough to draw attention, Kate painted half of her face bright green (she wanted the other half white, but we didn't have any white paint). I am pretty sure every Japanese person we passed took a long look at us parading by.

The parade itself was entertaining. The spectators were very tame however. I think we only witnessed two gaijin hollering something loudly and even what they said was not inappropriate. Following the parade we headed home and stopped at a park for a while so the kids could run around. Jack couldn't help himself and found an am/pm convenience store (aren't those on the east coast?) so that he could buy some beer. As he put it, it just didn't feel right to watch a parade and not enjoy a Guinness, even if the parade was over.

The Irish Setter Club - my personal favorite

The -uh - Irish? Girl Scouts?

Just a dog - the Japanese love their dogs

Nicky O'Dea, Brendan O'Dea, Jack Malone and Connor Malone enjoying the parade

Of course Guinness was there

Kate got plenty of attention and a few photos taken of her as well

This guy walked away from his Guinness group to tell Kate she looked great...he kinda hung around and chatted a bit

Just sweet


Now this was interesting! Make sure you notice the Mohawk. What do you suppose is under his Kilt? You hear Tracey O'Dea in the background.

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Great photos and narrative!